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Lavender Chamomile Bitters
Lavender Chamomile Bitters

Lavender Chamomile Bitters

Dreamy and Calm

0.0% ABV | 4oz (118 mL) bottle

These bitters bring together lavender and chamomile like never before. Bright and floral with undertones of grassy, bitter herbs, this is the perfect addition to your gin cocktails.

Handmade with homegrown ashwagandha root, skullcap, passionflower, rose petals, and blue vervain, this blend is meant to calm and destress while adding a beautiful floral lift to your drinks.

Try this in a Lavender Bee's Knees, Lavender Lemonade, mix it with soda for a refreshing botanical seltzer, or add it to your chamomile tea for a nightcap.


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Zero Alcohol, Organic and Wild Foraged, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Beneficial Botanicals

Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water, apple cider vinegar*, lavender*, chamomile flowers*, ashwagandha root*, lemon peel*, gentian root*, rosehips*, rose petals*, skullcap*, passionflower*, blue vervain*, herbs and spices*, lemon balm*

*Botanicals all grown organically or wild foraged

No added colors, preservatives, flavors, or sugar. 0.0% ABV.

Pairs wonderfully with gin but can also be used to lift tequila or whiskey cocktails. Try it mixed with plain sparkling water, or added to non-alcoholic white or sparkling wine. A perfect flavor and mood match for chamomile tea.

Shake well and add 2-3 dropperfuls to flavor any cocktail, sparkling water, tonic, beer, tea, coffee, etc. Give a brief stir to incorporate. Natural sediment may occur.

When interpreting cocktail recipes, use 1 dropperful (to the 1 mL line) per "dash" called for.

For calming benefits, take 1-2 dropperfuls directly on the tongue before bed or as needed.

Giving Back

Every purchase makes an impact—we donate 1% of total sales to environmental causes, and 2% of sales support recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kathryn Danaj
LOVING these Lavender and Chamomile bitters!

While I’m already an intense fan of all three ATB flavor varieties… my adoration for the brand has reached greater heights with the release of the limited (but hopefully permanent!) Lavender and Chamomile edition. I’m frankly already obsessed with its lovely, light, lavender-y deliciousness and regularly use 6-8 hefty dashes daily - in matcha lattes, steamed milk, AF cocktails, and even smoothies. Frankly, I think it would be the bomb in almost anything! I’ve already bought a third bottle because I can’t imagine my morning latte without a fragrant, floral touch of lavender and chamomile. You’ve been warned… this little bottle of botanical sunshine may make you fall head over heels before you even know it. 💜

Lauren D
Takes me to France

I adore these new bitters, they make me feel like I’m miles away in the South of France. I should probably buy more before they sell out!

Heidi Abell
A hug in a little bottle

I absolutely love the lavender chamomile bitters in hot tea at night. It is very comforting and like a hug in a little bottle. This is also yummy with tonic or seltzer!

Laura Silverman
Bottled peace and quiet

Lavender + chamomile in completely alcohol-free bitters form? Yes please and thank you very much. The flavor is delicate and the aroma so calming, my cocktail practically fell asleep in the best way possible.

Kayla Mason
Lavender Chamomile Bitters Soft and Delicate

The lavender chamomile bitter experimental series is one of my current favorites! It's soft, and delicate. Tastes refreshing and is the perfect beverage for after a yoga class or a long walk!