Black Manhattan

Let's make a Manhattan, but more bitter. That was the idea behind the Black Manhattan, created in 2005 by Todd Smith, the founding bartender of Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco. Instead of sweet vermouth, the drink calls for its more bitter, intense cousin amaro, and the addition of orange bitters.

Flash forward nearly 20 years and we can make this dark, brooding cocktail entirely without alcohol for those who aren't drinking today, this month, or forever, but still want a sophisticated, complex beverage. Call this a mocktail if you must, but there's nothing fake about the intensity of flavor here.

To make this drink you'll need The Pathfinder—an incredible non-alcoholic spirit similar to an amaro—and your favorite whiskey alternative (we used Lyre's American Malt here). And, of course, our Aromatic and Orange alcohol-free cocktail bitters.


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