Lavender Earl Grey Martini

Tea makes a wonderful non-alcoholic cocktail ingredient, and here we're pairing earl grey with Zero Proof gin and lavender for a shockingly satisfying boozeless cocktail. Whenever using tea in NA drinks, it's important to make it extra strong by using either less water or more tea and letting it steep for twice as long as you would normally. That extra time in the water pulls out more of the tea's tannin, adding a bit of grip to the cocktail.

You can use your favorite non-alcoholic gin here (or go half/half for a lower-alcohol cocktail), but we love Monday Zero Alcohol Gin. Lavender syrup can be easily made (see the note below the recipe) but is also available from producers like Monin. Lemon juice gives the drink some zip while our Lavender bitters add backbone and floral notes, and our Orange bitters round the whole thing out, complementing the bergamot in earl grey nicely.


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