Passionfruit Martini

So you've got your hands on some fresh passionfruit, and you want to make a cocktail without alcohol. The answer is clear: a non-alcoholic passionfruit martini!

Originally named the Pornstar Martini, this cocktail was created in the early 2000s by Douglas Ankrah at the Townhouse bar in London. We can't imagine actually ordering that at a bar, though, so we're opting for the more family-friendly "Passionfruit Martini" (not that it resembles a classic martini in any sense).

Now, what goes in a passionfruit martini? The alcoholic version calls for vanilla vodka, so we'll be using the wonderful NA spirit Optimist Bright, instead, which works kind of like a citrus vodka with more depth. The drink is typically served with a shot glass of Champagne, but we love any excuse to add non-alcoholic sparkling wine to our drinks, so we're going to float that right on top of the cocktail.

Like the original, this non-alcoholic rendition of a Passionfruit Martini is crowd-pleasing in its overt vanilla-fruitiness, yet somehow manages to remain balanced and bright. 10/10 would highly recommend.


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