Agave Margarita

The days of overly sweet "virgin margaritas" from chain Mexican restaurants are over. Let the kids have those! With incredible non-alcoholic tequila alternatives available today from producers like Ritual Zero Proof and Free Spirits (and many more, see the notes below the recipe for suggestions), those choosing not to drink can enjoy a truly satisfying, adult non-alcoholic margarita, with all the same bite and zip of the original.

Our preferred margarita recipe is a slight variation on Tommy’s Margarita, a version of the drink created in the early 90s in San Francisco at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant. Bartender Julio Bermejo decided to drop the traditional triple sec from the recipe and to use agave nectar, made from the same plant as tequila, instead of simple syrup. And, of utmost importance, only fresh lime juice is used … no pre-made sour mix here.

Now, Tommy’s Margarita has its naysayers who believe a margarita must contain triple sec. We’re here to tell you that everyone can have their way. Our non-alcoholic Orange bitters add the same orange flavor—without diluting the drink or adding sugar—plus a botanical depth from coriander that complements both tequila and lime nicely.


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