Kentucky Buck

If you've ever enjoyed a Moscow Mule or a Dark 'n' Stormy, what you really had was a type of drink called a "buck": a cocktail containing a spirit, citrus, and either ginger ale or ginger beer. While those are two of the most famous examples, there are other classics in the category like the Mamie Taylor (made with Scotch), or the more recent addition, the Kentucky Buck, made with bourbon and strawberries.

Created in 2009 by bartender Erick Castro for Rickhouse in San Francisco, the Kentucky Buck immediately became a modern classic. Its combination of strawberry, lemon, bourbon, ginger beer, and bitters manages to pack a punch while still being soft and enjoyable. It's a definite crowd-pleaser, and because ginger beer tends to work well in non-alcoholic cocktails, this is a drink that translates great to zero-proof format.

You'll just need a non-alcoholic whiskey—we like Kentucky 74 for this cocktail—and some aromatic bitters.


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