Lavender Chamomile Spritz

Our Lavender Chamomile Spritz is a delightfully refreshing sipper, perfect for those who want to enjoy spritz season without the alcohol. It’s a unique take on the classic, combining Martini Floreale—a terrific non-alcoholic white vermouth with chamomile flavors—and our lavender bitters, NA sparkling wine, and club soda. The result is a non-alcoholic spritz that is delightfully floral, bitter, and as refreshing as the original.

Creating this non-alcoholic spritz is just as simple as making its alcoholic counterpart. You'll start by pouring Martini Floreale into a wine glass. Add a bit of soda water and your favorite non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Next, add a few dashes of our Lavender bitters. Top with ice, and garnish with a lemon twist.

Who says you can't enjoy spritz season if you're taking a break from booze? This non-alcoholic spritz is a perfect choice for a sunny afternoon, weekend brunch, or a relaxing evening. Cheers to non-alcoholic spritz season!


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  • Paul

    We love All The Bitter in particular the Orange as as an Old Fashioned with our alcohol-free Mahala Botanical Amber – delicious!

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