Similar Triangles

Creating a spirit-forward non-alcoholic cocktail might once have seemed impossible, but the growing range of complex non-alcoholic spirits has made it a reality. Our original cocktail, Similar Triangles, exemplifies this shift. Dark, stirred, and intensely flavorful, it's a far cry from the pineapple-juice-and-grenadine mocktails of days past.

Three Spirit Nightcap provides a robust base with woody, spicy, and herbal notes, along with calming ingredients like ashwagandha and valerian root, making it perfect for an evening cocktail. Pathfinder Hemp & Root, known for its bittersweet, herbal profile and amaro-like qualities, bolsters the cocktail with a rich texture and intense flavor. Tenneyson Black Ginger, with no direct comparison in the alcoholic world, brings a unique mix of herbal, bitter, black pepper, and ginger flavors. Its acidity and sharp bite serve to lift the other ingredients and balance the drink.

This cocktail calls for a few drops of salt tincture (see note below the recipe), and while it might be tempting to skip that step, it truly transforms the drink. Adding just a few drops of salt water doesn't make the drink salty, but helps to tame the tannin and bitterness, creating a more harmonious and well-balanced drink.


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