Corn 'n' Oil

Looking for a sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail that'll stand up to its classic counterpart? Our non-alcoholic version of the Corn 'n' Oil, originally from Barbados, is the perfect choice. Unlike juicy mocktail recipes, this zero-proof libation offers the intensity of an alcoholic drink, making it a standout choice for any occasion. While you can use any dark non-alcoholic rum, we recommend Ritual Zero Proof Rum for its robust flavor, richness, and spice.

The traditional Corn 'n' Oil recipe calls for falernum liqueur (which is very low in alcohol), but for a truly alcohol-free cocktail, we suggest using falernum syrup—BG Reynolds produces an excellent option that complements this drink perfectly. We switch things up a bit more to ensure a satisfying experience: instead of adding lime juice, we muddle two lime wedges, releasing the juice while infusing the drink with bitterness from the lime peel, adding complexity and depth. Our New Orleans bitters are used instead of traditional aromatic bitters, balancing the spice in Ritual's Rum with tart cherry, hibiscus, and anise.

This non-alcoholic Corn 'n' Oil drinks like a more exciting Rum Old Fashioned, offering a satisfying spirit-forward experience. Plus, it's only 30 calories and very low in sugar, unlike your standard sweet and sugary mocktails.


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