Garden Negroni

We created a handful of original non-alcoholic Negroni variations for this past year's Negroni Week, and while all of them were delicious and unique, this was hands down the most refreshing, light, and easy drinking. And at 25 calories and zero alcohol per serving?! Sign us up for six or seven.

The Garden Negroni deviates a bit from the standard Negroni recipe, but the feeling is the same. Seedlip Garden 108 replaces gin while Dhōs Orange takes the place of sweet vermouth. Lyre's Italian Spritz is the bittersweet, and our alcohol-free New Orleans bitters bring it all together.

For a lighter style of Negroni this zero-proof cocktail packs a ton of flavor, a mild bite, and a long finish. It's satisfying and something we'd confidently serve to anyone.


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