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How To Use

New Orleans Bitters

Cocktail bitters are the spice rack of the bar cart, and our vibrant New Orleans bitters can be enjoyed in drinks with or without alcohol. Below are a few of our favorite ways to use them.

Bitters and Soda

Flavored seltzer's more interesting, sophisticated cousin. Simply mix a few dashes of bitters with club soda to create a refreshing, botanical, bubbly sip that aids digestion.

With Simple Mixers

Mixers like tonic and ginger beer are the perfect canvas to spice up with bitters. Just add a few dashes—as much or as little as you like—for a burst of flavor.

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Non-Alcoholic Wine

Underwhelmed with non-alcoholic red wine? Our New Orleans bitters add a ton of depth to red wine with flavors of tart cherry, anise, hibiscus, and balancing bitter notes.

Hibiscus Sour

Hibiscus tea is the star of this non-alcoholic cocktail that takes sour to the next level, combining fresh grapefruit juice and lime for a bitter, puckering punch.

Coffee And Tea

Bitters are a great way to add flavor, and digestive benefits, to coffee or tea without the added sugar of syrups. The perfect way to start your day!

bitters and coffee
Get More Recipes

There are a lots more recipes to discover! Check out the complete list of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes featuring our New Orleans bitters.

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New Orleans Bitters 4oz
New Orleans Bitters 4oz
New Orleans Bitters 4oz

New Orleans Bitters 4oz

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Inspired by 19th-century apothecary Antoine Peychaud, our New Orleans bitters are a celebration of American cocktail culture. With bright flavors of anise, tart cherry, hibiscus, and rosehips, these bitters will liven up any drink.

Designed for versatility, our zero proof bitters can be used in drinks with or without alcoholFantastic in bitters and soda, a few dashes will do wonders for tonic, beer, and alcohol-free red wine, too.

Handmade with organic, functional botanicals like milk thistle seed, dandelion root, and Schisandra berry, our New Orleans bitters may support digestion and liver health.

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